Top 5 Ultimate Tips for Visiting Frankfurt Christmas Market

It is never too early to plan a trip to visit THE Frankfurt Christmas Market which is taking place between 23rd November and 22nd December 2016. As one of the most enchanting and magical Christmas Markets in the region, it is no wonder that this business hub bursts into live during this season.

Video Credit: Frankfurt Tourismus

The market starts from Hauptwache and stretches all the way to Frankfurt’s scenic Römerberg which is the heart of the festival. The sweet smell of almond, roasted chestnuts, and traditional Christmas spices like cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, anise (and many more) that go into that mug of warm Glühwein linger in the air, adding to the festive ambience of the market.

Here are my Top 5 Ultimate Tips for visiting the Frankfurt Christmas Market:

1. Go on an empty stomach

Do NOT eat lunch or dinner prior to visiting the market. There are plenty of amazing food stalls spread out the entire market. And what better way than to try some local delights that will not break your bank?

German Sausages

There will be a selection of chicken, pork and beef sausages in bread rolls. Another popular treat to have is Curry Wurst.


Belgian Chips

These are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! Topped with onions, tomato ketchup and mayo, Belgian Chips are morish! They are made from fresh potatoes at the market too.



No Christmas Market experience is complete without treating yourself to a mug of warm mulled wine commonly known as Glühwein. 


Each year, sellers have new mug designs. When you pay for your drink, you’ll be given a plastic token and asked to leave a deposit (Pfand) of a couple of Euros. After you’re done, you need to bring the mug back to the stall and give them the token to get your deposit back. But if you’d love to have one of these lovely mugs, you’re welcome to bring it home.


2. Experience it when it gets dark

To be able to fully bask in the joy and festive spirit of the market, visit it when it gets dark. The illumination of the gigantic Christmas tree and decorations on the stalls are what really make the Frankfurt Christmas Market a magical experience.


My favourite spot at the market each and every year is where the carousel is at Römerberg. People standing at tables digging into their food and drinks, laughing with family and friends, children smiling from ear to ear as the carousel spins are just some of the common scenes at the market.

3. Great gifts to bring home

With more than 200 stalls, the market has plenty of gifts of different price range to offer. Here are some gift ideas:

4. Christmas train ride

If you have very young children with you, I recommend going earlier in the day when it’s less crowded. Or, visit the market in early December and not wait till it’s nearer to Christmas when the crowd really flows in. The little train ride is a hit among toddlers and young childrens. This is located at Hauptwache.



5. Use public transport around Frankfurt

Parking is limited and expensive in Frankfurt so it’s best to avoid driving in the city whenever possible. Local transportation is served by RMV and the Deutsch Bahn. Each single trip ticket within Frankfurt costs 2,80 Euros and a short-trip ticket costs 1,80 Euros. Tickets are available for sale at all tram stops and train stations. If you are taking the bus, single tickets can be bought directly from the driver. The Christmas Market, however, is easily covered on foot.

To get to the Christmas Market, use train station Hauptwache or underground station Dom.

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