Mothers’ Day Spielfest at Park Louisa

Goodbye to those weekends when we spend hours sitting in a cafe drinking coffee together, or be able to shop leisurely. With a toddler, weekends aren’t just quite the same anymore. I’m not complaining though because we do end up having lots of fun together (most of the time). 

It takes a little researching and planning on our part to know what we’ll be doing on the weekends. As we all know, it takes 10 times longer to get out of the house with a kid. I do try to keep my eyes open when walking around the city for posters of events suitable for Theo, especially free and low-cost ones. 

This weekend is Mothers’ Day and there was a big Spielfest at Park Louisa in Sachsenhausen, Frankfurt. It cost €3 per child and all the activities (apart from the merry-go-round rides and face painting) were included. 

It was scortching hot! After Theo had a near sunburnt incident in Singapore (I say he has his Papa’s skin-type, that’s why!), I’m now super ULTRA anal about applying sunblock on him. Fortunately, he’s quite good with me applying creams on him so he never fusses and is quite happy about it. 

Theo really enjoyed the little paddling pool with balls and pipes. I was really impressed by the slightly older kids who used different parts of the pipes to form a big long pipe. What’s the big deal, you might ask! But those kids (no more than 5 years old) were experimenting with gravity, had excellent motor skills and when a ball got stuck in the pipes, they actually knew how to fix the problem. How hands-on is this activity? 

I’ve never seen kids go down big rollers in a plastic box in my life till we moved to Germany. It’s a common sight at the airports for sure. Theo was actually really thrilled by it. If not for having to stand under the hot sun in the queue, I would have let him have as many tries as possible but once was enough. It was extremely popular among the kids. 

After waiting for about 40 minutes, Theo finally had his face painted. I know he’s had his face painted at Kita but I’ve never seen the final “art piece”. It took me by surprise when he actually said he wanted a tiger painted on his face. I offered a few different options but he was determined to have a tiger painted on him. 

The boy was so excited to sit on the chair for his face to be painted. The artist saw him and said she’d only do a few simple lines/ patterns because she didn’t think a boy his age would sit still for the entire process. 40 minutes of persistence from Theo was definitely enough for me to insist that she gave him a tiger face. He was SO good at following her instructions and sat still throughout. He usually doesn’t sit very still so he must have enjoyed face painting a lot. 

It was an exhausting day in the heat but we had so much fun with Theo. He was laughing lots and kept roaring just like a tiger. Weekends are never dull with such a lively boy. 


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