Coats back on

We can’t quite believe that we were sweating buckets in t-shirts and shorts last weekend because this weekend has been wet and cold. How unpredictable can the weather get in Germany? In fact, I heard it’s quite typical of Spring. 

Despite the less favorable weather, we brought Theo to the park for some fresh air. The boy has far too much energy to be stuck in a 73 sq meters apartment (yay to city living!!!) all day. 

We pretended he was the mouse from The Gruffalo. We looked for fox, snake and owl. 

I kept telling Dan to keep to the main track and told Theo not to touch anything. To which my husband said, “Oh, Mama grew up in the city.”

Theo’s obsessed with bugs at the moment. He crouches down to greet them whenever he sees one. It gets really awkward on pavements when I have to squat along the road with him to “speak” to insects. People usually give me a friendly smile and nod when we make eye contact, but I wonder if they ever think we’re nuts. 

Let’s hope the weather improves after our 2 weeks holiday back in England. 


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