Theo’s 2nd Birthday

This year, Theo’s really fortunate to spend his 2nd birthday with his Grampy, Aunties, Uncle and little cousins in England. We tried to keep it as simple as possible because we didn’t want to overwhelm him but still, he fell asleep before lunchtime. Good for us though since we managed to have our meals in peace.

He enjoyed the plate of sausage and mash. Turning 2 is so much different to when he first turned 1 and was absolutely clueless about what was happening. At least this time round he was more excited about getting presents and birthday cake.

He was very pleased with the Disney Pixar Cars card that his Auntie made specially for him. You can have a look at all her beautifully handcrafted cards here

We bought this Peppa Pig car cake for £10 at Sainsbury. I’m always impressed at how easily you can get delicious and pretty cakes from most supermarkets in England for a decent price. I thought it would be extremely sweet given the icing but it turned out alright. 

2 years old seems like a huge milestone to achieve. I’m really proud of Theo! In the second year of his life, he learnt to walk, talk, run, kick a ball, attends playgroup full-time, got more independent etc. The list goes on and on. They seem really trivial to us, but it’s a big deal for the little ones. 

As we move on to proper toddlerhood, I hope that Theo continues to flash his infectious smile to those he meets, be as healthy as possible and knows that he is my everything. 


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