Western-super-Mare Beachside

I love going to the beach. Many of my childhood memories were of me having a splendid time with family by the seaside in Singapore, usually with lots of good food too. As a teenager, I went to the beach often with my friends to play volleyball, kayak or swim in the sea. The scent of warm sea breeze, soft sandy beaches and sounds of crashing waves relax me. Unfortunately, I live in the center of Germany now. Nowhere near the sea. Even when we lived in Oxford, we were nowhere near the sea. 

So when my sister-in-law asked me for holiday ideas during our last trip back to England, I said I wanted to visit the seaside. And off to Western-super-Mare we went which was less than an hour’s drive away from Taunton where we rented a holiday house. 

It was the first time ever that I wore a cardigan to the seaside. Who does that, right? Thankfully, the weather was on our side and it got really hot. 

I’ve not been to many beaches in England but the sand on Western-super-Mare was really soft. It’s not grainy like the beaches I’m used to in Singapore. Actually, the sand reminded me of sand dunes in Perth, Australia. Yes, super fine! 

It was low tide when we visited so I didn’t actually get to see the sea which was very far out. But the whole feeling of being by the seaside was a happy one.

The kids had a fabulous time at the beach. The adults built them a huge aeroplane, castle and mini-car to sit in. Theo especially liked to eat sand just to annoy me.

One of the things I really enjoyed was eating fish and chips on the beach (next to the sea aquarium too!). That was perfect! 


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