Djeco Fingerpaint for Toddlers

Last week, I finally got Theo some fingerpaint. He has been “painting” at Kita and seem to enjoy it so there is no reason why I shouldn’t do the same with him at home for the fear of mess.

I wanted paints that won’t stain clothes and fingers and are super easy to wash. So I walked into a local boutique and bought some Djeco fingerpaints. 

Each pot is 100ml so they are fairly huge and will go a long way. 

It’s almost impossible to make him wear a bib so you can imagine that a paint that doesn’t stain clothes is top priority on my list. Yup, I choose my battles to fight with  Theo. 

We did some hand-printing and I think the colours came out quite nicely. When switching colours, I didn’t even have to wash his hands. I just used a damp cloth to wipe them and we were ready to paint his hands another colour. It was super washable! The white cloth was stainless after I put it for wash in the washing machine too. 

Theo really enjoys fingerpainting. He loves banging his palms on the paper and seeing the effects he’s making. 

This is a great activity for us to teach him colours and it also helps refine motor skills as he gets to paint his palms himself. 

I’m definitely looking forward to doing more painting activities with him over the summer holiday. 


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