Goetheturm, Waldspielpark

As you’ve probably realised, we’ve been making good use of the summery weather here in Frankfurt by enjoying all the greenery around us. The husband gets his exercise, the boy gets to burn his endless amount of energy and I get to enjoy a moment of serenity.

We don’t live too far from Goetheturm in Sachsenhausen but it isn’t till this summer that we visited it with Theo. Children do bring you to places, don’t they? 

Although it was a blistering hot day, being in the forest made us feel a lot cooler as the green trees offered us lots of shade. 

This is the playground nearer the car park. Goetheturm has another playground where the BBQ pits are but I thought that was more suitable for older children. 

The swing is probably one of Theo’s favourite activities at the playground for now. This boy knows no fear and loves being pushed really high up into the air. 

He also insisted that Dan went on the slide. 

We’ll definitely organise playdates with Theo’s friends at Goetheturm next time and bring a picnic. There is ample space for kids to run around and have fun. Even if the kids aren’t in tow, I imagine it’s a fabulous place for a good long walk or a jog too. 


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