Shoebox Craft – Carpark

Theo is absolutely MAD about cars. Recently his love for them has gotten even bigger – only wears tops and bottoms with cars or buses on. What service have I done to myself for getting him plain trousers for Kita?!?! 

He hasn’t got a toy garage to play with but he’s very happy pushing cars on tables, carpet and the floor. The boy doesn’t know what he’s missing since he hasn’t got it. Ha! Apart from Ah Ma (my mum) spoiling him during her one-month visit, our general rule is to only get him gifts for Easter, birthday and Christmas. The odd €2 hot wheels cars are great as rewards but we personally like the thrill of opening presents only on special occasions. 

I have a couple of shoeboxes lying around at home and thought it would be a waste to not do anything crafty with them. So I looked up on wonderful Pinterest for ideas and made him a garage.

It came as a surprise for him as he was out for a walk with his Papa when I made this. He absolutely loved it and played with it for hours! 

He enjoys pushing cars through the holes and peeping through them when the box is closed. I’m just really glad that he had so much fun playing with something I made randomly for him. 

I drew an ice-cream shop, cars toy shop and hospital in the box and Theo gets to decide where the cars are going. Of course they’re always going to the toy shop to get more cars! 


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