Dinosaurs Ice Excavation 

The dinosaurs need some help from Theo as they are trapped in the Ice Age! What tools does he need to excavate them?

1. Wooden spoon

2. Metal spoon

3. Paint brush

4. Salt water in a spray bottle

5. Small craft hammer

First I filled an ice-cream box with about an inch of water and put 6 dinosaurs in. After it has frozen, I placed another 6 on top of it and covered it with water, making sure there was space for water to expand when it’s frozen. 

Initially we thought we would leave the hammer to the last resort because we didn’t want to be “hammered” by a 2 year old whatever intentions he had. But he wasn’t fussed about it actually as he was having more fun spraying salt water at us (mostly) and the dinosaurs. 

We had to bring this activity outdoors as it was a lot warmer than our cool apartment. If we were to do this in winter, I would freeze the dinosaurs in smaller containers instead and do this activity indoors. 

He was very careful with the small craft hammer, thankfully! I was also surprised that he managed to hammer the ice with great accuracy! Hurray to refining motor skills! 

We also tried smashing the bits of ice to break them into smaller pieces. Throwing is often something we frown upon in our apartment so Theo was happy he got to throw ice outdoors for a little while. Everything seems to be amplified in apartment living which is annoying! 

Yay to excavating the first dinosaur! 

It took about 30 minutes (with our help) to excavate all 12 mini dinosaurs from the Ice Age. 

When we got home, I read to him one of his favourite books, “Dinosaur bites”. 

This activity wasn’t too time consuming to prepare, neither was it too much of a hassle to do and needed just a little supervision depending on what sort of tools you use (be careful with the hammer). 

We had a great time together as a family doing this together and tomorrow, we’ll continue with another dinosaur themed activity. 


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