Build a truck – Shapes Activity

In the recent weeks, Theo has taken interest to learning about shapes. Prior to him taking interest in learning, it was futile for us to “educate” or “drill” concepts into him. So we thought “oh well, he’ll want to learn when he’s ready whenever that may be”. You can imagine how thrilled we were when he started asking questions such as “What’s that?” while pointing out to different shapes. 

Therefore, I looked up on Pinterest for activities that will keep him interested in learning instead of just using wall charts or flashcards and constantly drilling information to him. 

Here’s what I came up with. I did the top truck to give him an idea what he is supposed to do. I introduced him to the shapes – circle and square. I didn’t want to have more than 2 different shapes in one activity as I want it to be simple. 

Full concentration! He was very happy to have “built” a truck. I didn’t expect him to repeat after me when I told him what the shapes were.

That’s the final product. He can’t quite arrange the shapes to fit within the lines accurately yet but really, I don’t expect him to. So here’s Theo’s wobbly truck. 


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