Messy Painting with Cars

Don’t be put off by the “mess”. Painting with cars turned out to be a rather peaceful time spent with Theo. I just got all the materials AND bath ready (when he was about done) in advance and it was pretty fuss-free. 

It was basically free play. I let him express himself however he wanted and let him mix the colours, choose where to “paint”, and what medium he wanted to use (be it a brush, truck or car). 

Theo loves Peppa Pig and puddles but the weather has been extremely hot these days so he pretended that the cars were splashing through colourful muddy puddles. 

I knew he would get fingerpaint ALL OVER himself so I was prepared to NOT be a control freak. He wasn’t interested in eating paint and even if he did taste it, it was purely accidental since paint was all over his face by the end of the activity and he said it tasted yucky. I felt so happy because he kept telling me how much fun he was having while painting.

I bought from drawing paper from the supermarket but thought they weren’t actually very good for painting. They were rather thin compared to the ones I used as a kid back in Singapore. So after Theo painted the same area multiple times, it tore. I’ll definitely try to get drawing rolls (those that go on an easel) for future purposes. A HUGE sheet of paper is more fun than sticking 16 small sheets of thin paper together. #inexperienceCraftywannabeMummy

Here’s his finished piece of artwork all done by himself! I love it!!!! 


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