Cloud Dough Sensory Play

Before the summer holidays come to an end, I wanted to do more activities with Theo at home before he starts his new Kita (playgroup). As the weather has been unbearably hot and humid for me lately, and Theo tends to break out in bad heat rash if he stays out too long in the sun even with sun block, a home based activity suited us best.

As far as I can remember, Theo has always been obsessed with putting toys in his mouth. He is getting better these days  when it comes to sand play, but inevitably he’ll still get sand in his mouth. Hence I’m reluctant to get play doh for him even though I know he plays with it at Kita. But again, he eats sand and paint at Kita, just not when I’m around to scream “Noooooooo!!!!”. 

Therefore, I was glad to learn about Cloud Dough which is homemade dough that is safe enough for kids as long as you DO NOT use baby oil. I substituted it with cooking olive oil.

This homemade dough requires only 2 ingredients, flour and oil. Generally, 8 cups of flour and 1 cup of oil will give you a good texture to play with but you can adjust the measurements accordingly depending on how much dough you need. 

The texture is really soft and fluffy yet it has enough strength to keep its form when molded. Theo enjoyed running the dough though his fingers and pretending that his digger and truck were digging up the road. 

I used our Fisher-Price shapes as molds. Theo caught me by surprise when he pretended that the different shapes created were little cakes. It only shows how often he’s seen me digging in in a piece of cake! 

This activity occupied us both for at least an hour. He could have gone on longer but at that point he just wanted all the dough, which he calls sand, on the balcony floor so he can roll vehicles through it. I wouldn’t have mind as much if we didn’t have a neighbour downstairs. In the end I convinced him to have a bath and wash all his toys that he used for the activity. He enjoyed that responsibility so I had the luxury of just sitting in the bathroom next to him while he scrubbed away in the tub. 

We both had a great time and I didn’t have to wash up. What’s there for me to complain about, eh? 


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