Road Safety Activity for Toddlers

Everyone says once babies or toddlers start walking, they’ll be everywhere and they’ll be a handful. For us, it meant a lot when Theo took his first steps. Having clubfoot doesn’t prevent kids from walking but still, it was a major milestone that he achieved in his own time – at about 19 months old. 

True enough, once he started, we couldn’t quite stop him. I’m not sure if he actually knows how to walk because he RUNS everywhere. He wanted to be out of the buggy to explore and we thought it was best to introduce him to traffic rules. Even when he was just a newborn, we made it a point to follow traffic rules even though Theo wouldn’t be aware. It was just good practice for us to get into so we can teach Theo those rules when he was older. 

It is tough work getting toddlers to follow you wherever you go so we had to be very firm. There is no negotiating when it comes to road safety. Either he held our hands when crossing roads and not running onto the roads, or straight back into the buggy he goes. He could scream and cry but he soon learnt to pay attention to road safety and is 95% of the time compliant. 

As a mega huge fan of everything with wheels, road safety activities are a hit with Theo. I prepared materials to make a traffic light to teach shapes and colours and he got to stick the mini squares to match the colours and the vehicles stickers too. 

Subsequently, I drew the red and green men which I thought was important for Theo to recognise. Whenever we encounter a crossing, we’ll ask Theo if it’s a red or green man and if it’s safe to cross. The whole point of this is to make him aware of the lights, the rules and what he can or cannot do. 

Road safety is a rather important (serious?) topic but with stickers in hand, it becomes a fun activity to keep him occupied for some time. 


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