Autumn Colours Painting Activity

With temperatures hitting almost 30 degrees Celsius everyday and clear blue skies, it feels like summer is here to stay. However I’m sure we’ll soon be hit by cold winds and wet weather as soon as we’ve acclimatised ourselves to the heat. 

I like the colours of trees in Autumn, orange, red and brown. It can be a little wet on some days, but those days are great to stay in and indulge in comfort food such as soups and rich stews. Hence I picked orange, yellow and red for Theo’s painting activity because I’m eager to jump into Autumn! 

He was not interesting in painting with brushes or sponges. Ever since I let him paint with cars, that’s all he ever wants to do. He did however find it interesting to use foil to paint so that was something new but it didn’t hold his interest for very long. Back to cars!!! 

I find it important to ask open ended questions when he’s painting or drawing. Instead of asking “Is that a dog?”, I would ask “What are you painting/ drawing?” I suppose that leaves it to him to decide what he’s actually working on instead of me planting ideas in his head. 

According to Theo, this is a painting of “flowers”. I sometimes feel like I lack the creative mind and openness to see things from his perspective, so when he said “flowers”, I was quite taken aback. “Huh? Where are the flowers?” I thought to myself. 


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