No Mess Splatter Painting

While looking for painting ideas for toddlers, I came across multiple no mess splatter painting which I thought was interesting so I gave it a try. Apart from it being a craft activity, it could also be used as a shaker while toddlers dance along to their favourite tunes. It could perhaps also be a sensory bottle. Rather multi-purpose, don’t you think?

Using a regular coke bottle, I dropped tiny bits of paint in it. Then I added green beans and a good quality 190g paper. 

Next, secure the cap and hand it over to the toddler to splatter the paint.

Theo had little interest in shaking the bottle though. So it ended up being some sort of therapeutic activity for me as I stood alone in the kitchen and gave the bottle a few hard shakes. 

I’m quite pleased with the result. It gives a distressed sort of effect which is rather pretty, I thought. Perhaps some kid out there will be more interested in this than mine! 


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