Our Clubfoot Journey: A Tiny Step Back

It has been a while since I last wrote about Theo’s feet condition because ever since he started walking last Christmas, everything has been smooth sailing. Doctors were pleased with his progress, they said his heels have dropped which is a brilliant thing and hence we were told to only return for check-ups every 6 months.

Last Friday, I took Theo for his check-up at the hospital expecting the doctors to tell us to just return 6 months later for another review. However, the Orthopedist noted that Theo’s right foot isn’t as well as it was at the previous appointment 6 months ago. The tendon was a little too tight and hence to prevent a relapse, he has to attend physiotherapy.

Not end of the world, right? Well, I felt like crap after that.

On the tram journey home, as Theo looked out of the windows with excitement as he could see the tracks on the road, I was fighting back tears in public. I know it’s not as bad as it sounds but I just couldn’t figure out what went wrong to cause his right foot to not progress as well and that it had actually gotten worse. We’ve been compliant with wearing his night time boots and bar “so what else could we have done?” I asked myself. According to the Orthopedist, it sometimes just happens. What does that even mean? “Things like that shouldn’t happen to my boy,” I thought to myself.

We had to look for a physiotherapist in Frankfurt who can actually carry out a particular treatment for Theo and it took me a week to find one on the outskirts of Frankfurt. Initially, I assumed it would be easy to find one in our neighbourhood since Physiotherapists are literally everywhere. But I was wrong. Only so few specialise in kids, and those who do, aren’t trained to treat clubfoot.

In the week, I noticed him tip toeing on his right foot, limping and dragging it more than before. Did I miss those signs because I took for granted that he’s just as agile as any other children? Were those meant to be alarm bells? I have no idea, but I’m glad the Orthopedist picked them up.

Fortunately, I was given an appointment for this coming Monday so it’s not like we have to wait for months to be seen. I’m really eager to learn what needs to be done so that we can also continue the physio at home to help Theo.

We’ll be seen by the Orthopedist in 3 months’ time at the end of January to see if physiotherapy has any positive effect on Theo. I’ll definitley have to pay more attention to his feet. Better to be overly concern from now on than to not notice a potential relapse!



2 thoughts on “Our Clubfoot Journey: A Tiny Step Back

  1. amanda smith

    How is therapy going. My son will be two in February and just had his second 6 month apt and one of his tendons has gotten tighter. We are just stretching as of now. Bilateral club foot

    1. We have to do the stretches daily but won’t find out if it has helped till end of this month during his next review. He hasn’t really tip-toed as much before he had physio so I’m hoping that’s a good sign. Apparently it’s really common for 2 year olds to have tighter tendons because of their growth spurt. I hope the stretches will do your son some good!

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