Struwwelpeter Museum, Frankfurt

At Struwwelpeter Museum, you can learn about Heinrich Hoffmann, author of the picture book Struwwelpeter. 

Ok, that’s not Struwwelpeter. This is the right one.

Prior to visiting this museum, I didn’t know that Struwwelpeter has been translated to more than 45 languages including Chinese. I had a brief look at the book and decided it was a little too advance for Theo right now but it would be great to introduce him to this German story. 

The museum really allows children to bring Struwwelpeter to life. There is a props and costumes room where children can dress up and role-play. 

Theo was just more interested in pushing chairs around and giving me weird looks about my new hairdo. 

There is also an activity room where kids can do colouring, play board games,puzzles etc. 

It’s always a challenge to visit museums with Theo because he’s so fascinated by things around me that we don’t usually get the chance to read what’s being displayed. But really, this is a great opportunity for him to see different cultures and experience the various exhibits more than actually studying them. Nowadays when he plays with his toy cars, he pretends that he’s going on a Museum daytrip! 

I thought it was really kids-friendly as the exhibits (most of them) were at kids’ eye level. 

This definitely helped capture Theo’s attention and saved our backs from lifting him up and down to view exhibits.


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