Vision Board

A vision board is a tool used to help people stay focused on their goals. I had one at my desk while I was at university to keep me motivated as I worked towards my goal – be it fitness, grades, money, or holidays. I stopped doing it after graduation because things got in the way. 

Recently, a few Usborne Consultants started sharing their own vision boards (mainly related to their businesses) and I thought I’ll do one for myself. 

As you can see, I’m focused mainly on family goals. Things I want to do for and with my family. I put up a nice family picture of us 3 to remind myself visually of my family goals. They are really simple things such as taking Theo for swimming to help with his physio, and speaking more Mandarin to him (although he resists). 

On the bottom left are some postcards I picked up from the Frankfurt Bookfair the other day. I want to be creative – for example, do crafts with Theo, work on family photo books. I want to make sure that we continue reading lots to the kids hence the orange postcard which means “We love reading”. The “A to Z” postcard serves as a reminder to casually introduce the alphabet to Theo as he’s really interested in them and recognises most of them and what they stand for. Most importantly, I want to be a fun mum. 

On the right hand side is my holiday goals. 2017 will be a family year for us with Mia joining us real soon. We’ll visit families in England and Singapore. However, what I really really want us to do is bring Theo to London. I want to do the kids’ stuff with him and I’ve shortlisted a few places to visit (mostly free too!!!) which I’m sure he’ll love. Why London? Because I don’t want to drive around. And it’s a big enough city to explore for a week and there’ll still be plenty to do. 

The long term holiday goal which Dan and I have been talking about forever is our Japan trip with the kids. By then, Theo will be 6 and Mia will be about 4. We’re super excited to share our interest in Japanese culture with our kids and also tell them about our year in Tokyo together. I have our Purikura photo print up because I hope we’ll have a candid family one taken together. 

Top left corner is a list of things I want to get for Theo. It’s easy to just use Dan’s credit card to make purchases, but for this Christmas, I’m working hard (bordering on the line of being shameless) with Usborne books to get my favourite boy in the world his Christmas presents. I want to actually contribute towards his presents. 

Next in orange at the top is my German language learning action plan. It is hard to go for classes with kids. We do not have alternative childcare (not for Mia at least). But we have so many resources to turn to. I however need the discipline to sit down and just do it. 30 minutes a day isn’t too much to ask for I reckon. I probably spend hours doing mindless internet surfing which is a complete waste of time. I know as non-native speakers we aren’t encouraged to read German books to Theo (as some “experts” might suggest) but I think his books are amazing resources to learn from. You’ll pick up extensive amount of vocabulary that you may not learn easily in your daily life.

Last but not least, see that crazy picture of Dan and I next to our family picture in the centre? I want that to serve as a reminder that however hard parenthood gets, however tired we are, however old we are, however angry we get at each other at times, we’ll never forget that we’ve married our best friends and we’ll continue to be crazy together. 


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