Our Clubfoot Journey: Physiotherapy Session 3

We’re half way through the 6 prescribed sessions of Physiotherapy. So far it has been going well in terms of Theo looking forward to be there and getting along with the therapist. I do wish he would sit still for 30 minutes at home for me to work on his feet though. He’ll be happy to sit and read or watch TV but the moment I touch his feet, he gets all funny about it. Hence, we’ve been doing multiple mini-sessions of a couple of minutes here and there throughout the evenings. 

On the 3rd session, I mentioned previous incidents of Theo dragging his right foot and tip-toeing. He hasn’t done it much (or at all) recently but I thought I’ll be that paranoid mum who brings up a million concerns during consultation time. It turns out that the reason for him doing that is due to weaker shin muscles. Hence, he has more trouble (so to speak) moving his feet forward like those of us with normal feet. I’ve always assumed that when he climbs, he turns his feet out mainly because of the way the boots and bar hold his feet for 12 hours each night (normal feet kids climb up slopes on their toes). 

As he’s still too little to understand that he needs to do exercises to strengthen his legs, the therapist suggested kinesio-tape which “wakes up” the shin muscles. He’ll need to have them on for 4 days before I remove them in a warm bath. Apparently I’ll be able to notice the difference in the way he walks – there should be more forward movements on the toes. 

It was only from this session that I learnt that my son prefers leopard to zebra prints. #faint 


2 thoughts on “Our Clubfoot Journey: Physiotherapy Session 3

  1. Hi there. I’m sorry but I didn’t know your little Theo has a health problem. I wasn’t checking any blog posts by other people and I feel awful about being ignorant about your little boy. Hope Physio therapy will get his legs up and running so he can play with his friends.
    My new yorkie puppy Bella has managed to fracture her front leg very recently and I have to do her post-operation physio for her. It is not very easy to administer one when a recipient seems to be oblivious to the problem. Let’s keep in touch!x

    1. Hiya, no worries about it! Theo was just born with clubfoot and has been receiving treatment since he was 3 days old. Physio is just one of the ways to get his legs stronger and to prevent a relapse especially when he’s growing so quickly 🙂

      I read that Bella hurt herself while playing with other puppies. It sounds awful and so very painful! It must be tough on you to witness it especially since she’s only so little. But yeah, these little ones adapt and heal real quick. I hope she’s getting a lot better by now and soon, she’ll be back on her feet chasing others!

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