Our Clubfoot Journey: Physiotherapy Session 4

This week’s session was all about balancing. It is not so much about Theo learning how to balance, but more about making him use his leg muscles MORE while balancing. 

The therapist placed the trampoline ball by a chest of toys and Theo stood on it to play with puzzles and cars. While playing, he didn’t seem aware that he was actually balancing and having a “workout”.

As with all equipment used for Physiotherapy, they cost a lot. Hence the therapist suggested using just regular pillows at home but I’m sure we can find cheaper alternatives used for balancing workouts on Amazon such as the following. 

I quite like the sensory ones as we want his feet to feel as much as possible so they are more sensitive and would give his little toes a good workout too. 


One thought on “Our Clubfoot Journey: Physiotherapy Session 4

  1. Stimulating soles of my feet sounds really nice! I have one of those balancing disk for training my core. However, standing on it proved to be a lot harder than I imagined and I ended up throwing it into a cupboard. Since your Theo is giving a go, I shall dig out mine from the storage and have another try!😊

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