Halloween 2016 

A week ago, we were invited to a friend’s place for Halloween. They are a Portuguese-American couple living in Frankfurt with a daughter just a week younger than Theo. I was SUPER excited because I’ve NEVER celebrated Halloween in my entire life. 

We aren’t into dressing up in cute or scary costumes, but I was looking forward to pumpkin carving. 

Dan had his first go at carving a pumpkin at the party. He really put in quite a lot of effort and thought into it. The mums just kind of took knives and started carving while the men used markers to plan where to carve on their pumpkins. It was as though they all brought a pumpkin carving blueprint to the party! 

I didn’t get a chance to carve any pumpkins because I was busy being a helicopter mum supervising the kids, making sure none of them got hold of knives and other deadly tools which were conveniently placed on the floor. Actually, none of the kids were interested in the tools as they were occupied with their balance bikes, snacks and simply busy running elsewhere. 

That’s Dan with his pumpkin. Very proud of himself. 

Can you tell which pumpkin was carved by the experienced American? 


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