Frankfurt Christmas Market 2016

Last weekend we had family visit us from England and we visited the Frankfurt Christmas Market together. 

To really enjoy the festive spirit, you’ll have to be at the Römer where the massively tall Christmas tree is annually. 

What I love most about the markets at this time of the year is that no matter how grey and miserable the weather gets, colorful displays of sweets, baubles and decorations will brighten up your day. 

One of the things I often check out are the tea light holders. They are often painted with Winter scenes and when illuminated, they are so gorgeous. 

This year I also managed to try some chocolate coated pretzels. I’m usually not a big fan of regular pretzels as I find them a little tough. However these chocolate pretzels were soft! I’ll definitely be back at the market to try the bitter chocolate and white chocolate ones. 

We will also be checking out the smaller markets around Frankfurt this weekend to get some decorations for our first Christmas tree. Pretty excited about that! 


2 thoughts on “Frankfurt Christmas Market 2016

    1. Yeah! I’m so tempted to get a few myself except I’ll have to use LED lights instead of actual candles.

      Btw, I found some sushi socks on Amazon!!!! So tempted to get them that I might just ask for them for Xmas from my husband. Hehehe

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