Melissa and Doug Water Wow Reveal Pads 

I am a huge fan of Melissa and Doug products. Not only are they affordable, they are of good quality and educational. 

Theo loves anything vehicles related – be it toys, books, clothes, cartoons or activities. And I try my best to feed his interest as long as the activity in question benefits him. 

Theo isn’t the kind of child who would sit still to draw or colour. Not at home at least. He might scribble a few lines and that would be the end of the activity in 1 minute. However, I wanted to introduce him to some sort of “pen control” skills. Therefore, I bought the Melissa and Doug Water Wow Vehicles Reveal Pad for him to try it out.
It is actually more of a paint brush than a pen (aquadoodle would be better if you wanted a “pen”). We both enjoyed the activity together so much. It’s not merely using a water brush to reveal pictures. On the top sheet, it shows you items that you can reveal. It’s a little like treasure hunting. 

We looked out for things such as birds, doors, helmets, barriers etc and described the pictures as they were revealed. 

The pad is made of very strong cardboard that doesn’t get damaged easily when it comes into contact with water. There were times when Theo would be excessively painting a particular spot but the cardboard remained intact – no signs of damage whatsoever. 

I wished there were more sheets to the pad but you can also get farmyard, animals, fairies, princess, and dinosaurs themed ones separately. It was a good 40 minutes spent together “painting” and it was mess-free!!! A great activity to do together especially on evenings when Papa gets home late and I’m too tired to play rough with the boy (he usually does that with his dad). I would imagine it to be a great activity for those who need activities to keep kids occupied when traveling or when waiting at restaurants too – especially kids who can already do such activities independently. 


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