Stickers are fun 

Did you like collecting stickers when you were a child? I remember having countless sticker books where I kept all my stickers and sometimes I would bring them to school to “trade” with my friends. 

I managed to get a few sets of vehicles themed stickers at a great price from Lidl a couple of months ago for Theo. They were so cheap that I regret not getting more (I didn’t know back then if he would be interested). 

You would think “What? What’s the point of playing with stickers? Such a waste of money!”

Well, actually it’s not. Playing with stickers help toddlers build and refine their motor skills. When Theo first started with stickers a few months ago, he could never peel the really small stickers. He didn’t have the patience for that either. But now, he’s fully capable of peeling off big and small stickers thus refining his pincer grip. 

It also helps with visual scanning. While he plays with stickers, I’ll ask where certain objects are and he has to look for them to stick on the paper. 

The letters you see above actually spell “ambulance” but the activity we were doing didn’t require him to spell the word. He doesn’t know that “A” sounds like “Ah” (ie phonics) but recognises the letter to mean “Apple”. So we play along by calling “A” as “Apple”, and “E” as “elephant”. He then pretends that the elephant eats the apple and so on. 

I love doing such activities with him because he gets so focused, and descriptive of what he’s doing. It’s 20 minutes of me sitting next to him having some funny conversations about the “scene” he’s created on the paper. 

I’ll need to get more of such stickers! Perhaps reusable ones next time! 


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