37 Weeks Bump Shots

It took us 37 weeks before we had 5 minutes to spare to do some bump shots at home. With a toddler. 

Compared to the first pregnancy, this one has been rather smooth sailing which is great. I can’t imagine having to care for a toddler who is consistently sick on a monthly basis (3 consecutive weeks since the start of winter) and having to worry about another unborn child.

Baby Mia has been good at letting us feel her presence by being over-the-top active all day long on most days. Unlike her brother who we played classical music to while he was in the womb to get some sort of reaction, she is definitely one who takes initiative to let her presence known however busy we get. 

As the shoot was over and done with really quickly, we didn’t get any shots with Daniel in since he was the photographer. But I got my little sweetheart to join in as he is really excited about bringing his little sister home from hospital. 

As I’m writing this, I’m already 38 weeks. Baby Mia weighs approximately 3.1kg and 50cm long already. That sounds like a huge baby to me given that we have another 2 weeks to go. Theo was 3.5kg when he was born but he was 5 days late. Good luck to my poor lower back! 

To be honest, I can’t wait to get over and done with being pregnant this time round. I feel extremely heavy, clumsy and get so tired easily. I can’t wait to bounce back and be active with Theo again. The last trimester has been such a pain because I can’t do anything much (read fun in his terms) with him. I can’t run with him or after him. I can’t bring him out on his bike alone for his own safety since I’m not as quick as him. I can’t bring him for long walks because it tires me out. Hence, I’m really looking forward to getting a decent level of fitness and health back to enjoy time with both my kids in the following months. 


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