Christmas Cookies 

2.5 year olds are such great fun. If we look beyond the bad days they have which involve them screaming “Mine!!!”, “Noooo!!!!”, “Do it myself!!!”, they are actually really adorable little individuals who are so full of curiosity and creativity. 

Last weekend, we were invited to a friend’s place for a mini Christmas party for our kids to get together. We’ve known each other for approximately as long as our kids have been born thanks to coincidentally having the same post-natal midwife and having attended the same post-natal recovery class together. My friend very kindly offered to allow her place to be trashed by the 3 kids by organising a baking session.

I was skeptical, really. I’ve tried baking at home with Theo and each time he just wanted to eat the dough. He wasn’t interested in stirring whatsoever. But yesterday, he actually rolled the dough with my help and cut out shapes. Yay! I feel like he’s progressed a bit since I last baked with him a month ago.

Well, this cheeky man did manage to sneak a tiny bit of dough while I wasn’t looking but his Papa caught it on camera. Guilty as charged!

He really enjoyed decorating the cookies with colourful sprinkles. And licking his fingers every so often to taste the sugary bit. 

Tadaaaahhhhh!!!! Those are the cookies we made together. It was messy but that was to be expected. However, we had 6 adults to 3 kids hence cleaning up was a breeze. 

Now, will I have my own baking session with Theo this week just before Christmas??? I’m tempted to do so because it was so much fun but can someone else help clean the place and the boy up please? 


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