Christmas Tree Shortbread

I’ve completely lost track of time and my mind. Unlike the first pregnancy, I don’t feel completely prepared this time round even though dates have been set. It’s probably because Christmas is this weekend and I’m just really excited about it – pretty much as excited as my 2.5 year old toddler. 

I actually thought Kita would be open on the 23rd December and had planned to make cookies for Theo’s caregivers. Except, the 22nd December was the last day and the cookies weren’t ready. It would have been a shame to not make them since I had all the ingredients ready. 

It was my first time “playing” with fondant and there is still a lot to learn – how to roll it out thin and even would be a good start. Now that I know where to get these ingredients, I’m feeling brave to want to decorate Theo’s 3rd birthday cake next year! We shall see how it goes…

With Christmas this weekend, believe it or not, I’ve not got Christmas dinner ready whatsoever. I couldn’t find roast beef over the past couple of days and thought we might have steak instead. We went to the supermarket and steak was sold out! I’m going to spend Christmas Eve hunting for steak. Daniel suggested chicken as an alternative BUT BUT BUT I’ve already planned to make red wine sauce for my plate of beef so no way am I settling for chicken this year. 

I hope you’re better organised than I am for Christmas this year. Merry Christmas!!! 


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