The Versatile, Easy Family Ragu – Jamie Oliver

Almost 4 weeks have flown by since Mia was born and I think it’s pretty safe to say I’m less of an emotional wreck these days. Some days are overwhelming but generally, I think I’m doing fairly well (Here’s when everyone jumps in to say how lucky I am as my husband is on Parental Leave for a year and that their lives/ circumstances are so much tougher. Post-birth competition – whose life sucks more is the winner.) See? I only said “less of an emotional wreck”. Get it? Get it? Hehehe.

After almost 4 weeks, we’re slowly easing away from frozen pizzas and toasts for dinner, and that’s if we even have time to eat. We’re looking into batch cooking and freezer-friendly meals for the family. The idea is great for families like ours who are trying not to kill each other during stressful times, and these meals will be life savers if we fell ill (we do so often since we’ve had kids!). 

The first dish Daniel made is the easy family ragu from Jamie Oliver which is so versatile as it can be used as bolognese, for lagsana, chilli con carne etc. 

I was pleasantly surprised by how light but fragrant the sauce is compared to one of the bottled sauces I always get from the supermarkets. I love that we added so much real vegetables such as carrots and celery into it all in one pan. And it works out to be cheaper than a bottled sauce too. 

As it was Daniel’s first dish that he experimented with, he didn’t make more to freeze but since I love it so much, he’ll be making more in the week to freeze. 

The recipe can be found in the video (or link shared above) which has very clear and instructions and tips from the man himself (Jamie Oliver, not Daniel!). 

Anyway, knowing us, it would be boring to just let either of us cook whatever meals in the kitchen. Our competitive nature means this has to be turned into a cooking challenge. Up next – Japanese Meat Sauce from me! 


2 thoughts on “The Versatile, Easy Family Ragu – Jamie Oliver

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  2. Mmm, Japanese meat sauce spaghetti! I miss it too! Unfortunately, Paul is not so keen on anything meat (except steak) and I don’t cook meaty pasta sauce too often. The recipe by Jamie sounds really interesting and I’ll definitely try it! X

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