Spaghetti Meat Sauce 

If you’ve read about the versatile Ragu recipe we tried from Jamie Oliver, you’ll know that Daniel and I are challenging each other to get better at cooking. Since he came home with 2kg of mince, we’ve been experimenting with different mince recipes. So here’s mine – Spaghettti Meat Sauce from Just One Cookbook

If I’ve learnt anything over the past week, it’s that it is really easy to make our own sauces. They taste healthier, more natural and definitely more rewarding. It made me ponder what goes into bottled sauces but I’m hesitant to read food labels for fear of what I might see (maybe I should start reading!!!). 

I love the fact that I can throw in lots of carrots and celery into the sauce, making it a healthy dish. At this time of the year when we fall ill all the time, I’m trying to get us eating more vegetables. Adding red wine definitely gives the dish more flavour too. Also, it’s such great comfort food especially since it’s minus 10 degrees Celsius today! 


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