Our Clubfoot Journey: First Review in 2017

Last Friday, Theo had his review with the Orthopedist. As much as I was looking forward to knowing how he’s progressed after physiotherapy, I was also feeling the pressure. I was afraid they won’t be pleased with his feet. However, I’m really delighted that both his heels have dropped and they’ve adjusted the angle of his boots slightly so that he can walk more normally in the long run.

Even though it was a rather cold day, it was bright and sunny. So we walked to the hospital and back – more than 4km in total and I was physically up for it even though it has only been 1 month since Mia was born. It turned out to be a leisure walk which we haven’t been able to do so together as a family for ages. 

City life can be rather loud with busy traffic on the roads thus making it hard to hear each other as we walked, but it was nonetheless time well spent with the boy who enjoyed observing thin ice floating down the river and trains going over the bridge. 

The walk must have meant a lot to Theo because when he joined me in bed this morning, he said “Mama, I had a fun day walking yesterday”. 


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