Korokke (Croquette)

Korokke is a Japanese deep-fried dish usually made up of potatoes, meat, vegetables and seafood. More than a decade ago when I was a student in Tokyo, frozen korokke was part of my weekly grocery shopping because I love them so much. I didn’t know how to cook back then, and I wasn’t interested in cooking either so convenience food which is readily available in Japan was often on my plate. On hindsight, I now know why I put on so much weight during my year abroad!

I saw that Just One Cookbook has a Korokke recipe and since Nami-san is a very reliable source for homecooked Japanese recipes, I gave it a go myself.  

The one thing I changed in the recipe was instead of deep-frying, I baked mine in the oven at 200 degrees Celsius for 25 minutes. Healthier option! 

While it is a time-consuming dish to make, I would love to create different variations of Korokke using this as the basic recipe. I would like to add some carrots, celery to the meat korokke and make a separate cheesy korokke too. I’ll keep you updated on my success (or failure!). 


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