I started reading to Theo when he was only a day old in hospital. If I wasn’t feeling amazingly groggy due to the general anaesthesia I had, I would have probably pulled out the storybook I brought along in my hospital bag. 

Before he was born, I was determined to make sure that he enjoys being read to. I get super animated when reading to him and I surrounded him with books and more books. I knew that reading from a young age would expand vocabulary skills and most importantly, it was special bonding time for us. 

One of the things we did was to make sure he had easy access to his books. Even though he loved putting everything in his mouth, and wasn’t the most gentle babies towards books, we didn’t want to stop him from getting books out himself.

And I’m so glad we cultivated this reading habit from young. Till now, he still asks for stories to be read to him. His collection has got bigger and he still goes to the shelf to select books he wants to flip through by himself. 

But what’s really satisfying and made my day was him taking books to sit beside his little sister and telling her stories. 

It just seemed like the most natural thing for him to do with her. And she fussed,  he tried to calm her down by describing scenes in his book and asking if she liked them. 

Best quote from him while reading to her, “Everything’s alright Mia. I’m reading to you.” 


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