Play Date Cookies Gone Wrong…Terribly Wrong

We’ve been trying to arrange play dates with Theo’s friends regularly on weekends. Since they all are at Kita full-time on weekdays, we parents know how difficult it is to contain the energy our kids have in apartments especially when the weather doesn’t allow for outdoor play. Therefore we take turns to allow the kids to trash each other’s homes…well, so to speak.

I thought it would be a great idea to bake some Chocolate Chips Oatmeal Cookies for Theo to bring over to his friend’s place on Sunday and since Daniel brought Mia out for a walk, it meant Theo could have my undivided attention. It was a great opportunity to spend precious Mama-son time together.

He was very excited to bake with me. Not only did he help bring all the ingredients to the table in the living room for me, he listened to every single bit of instruction I gave. Trust me when I say this is rare!!! 

The kiasu, tiger mum in me read somewhere that the stirring helps build motor skills that are required for writing therefore I just sat there and let him mix everything in the bowl. I’m often tempted to go down the old school method of how I was taught to write the alphabet (repetition, and endless copying) which wasn’t fun from what I can remember, hence I do try to wreck my brains to do more fun activities with Theo. 

I was quite surprised this afternoon that he didn’t put any of the dough in his mouth. Just 2 months ago when we tried Christmas baking together, he was preoccupied with tasting more than actual preparation. Even the chocolate chips were safe. Something must have clicked in his head! 

This is the bit that I was particularly impressed. He scooped spoonfuls of dough and placed them separately on the baking paper while I shaped them. Never once did he attempt to mess them up. Throw back to pre-Christmas 2016, he was using the spoon to spread dough on the baking paper as if it was butter. What a huge improvement! 

While I did help to measure ingredients and guide Theo with the instructions from the recipe, he was allowed to do the rest himself with minimal help.

The biggest role I played in this was to cook the cookies in the oven. And guess what? I burnt them!!! Burnt them charcoal black!!! I could have buried my face in the kitchen and cried but Mia was hungry and had to be fed. 

Despite me burning the cookies Theo made excitedly for his friends, he said “I had a fun time baking with you, Mama!”

I suppose it’s the “experience” that matters this time round. We’ll be bringing strawberries round for the play date tomorrow. 


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