Our priority this year is to spend time together as a family and being there for the kids. As a fairly new family of four, we are slowly getting used to the new dynamics at home, meeting the needs of an energetic and sensitive toddler and of course, a now 8 weeks old baby. Not everyday has been smooth sailing, but I suppose “Crazy” is our new middle name.

I think 8 weeks is a relatively good time to look back to see how we have come along. The beginning was extremely tough on everyone for various reasons. It was tough on Theo who has to now share his parents with his sister, although he has been fairly good about it. It was tough for me to “let go” and let Daniel “run the show” because I’m the control freak at home. And it was definitely tough on Daniel to take care of us all while surviving on little amounts of sleep since Theo was ill. 

However, as the weeks progressed, we got better. I’m not saying that everyday is easy, but we split the responsibilities and get things done. When Mia’s crying drive me insane, Daniel takes over. When I feel like I’m missing out on alone time with Theo, as long as Mia’s been fed, I’ll get to play with him. We’ve been batching cooking healthy meals as much as possible and spending less time in the kitchen so that we can pay more attention to the kids. 

As we approach the end of winter, the days are longer and less bitterly cold, and I think that makes everyone feel more positive too. We head out more feeling energised. 

Just last weekend we brought Theo out to ride his bike. He did 3km! It was a good workout for me too as I babycarried Mia in the Manduca. 

It might sound like an ordinary day just walking around the neighbourhood, but it felt really special to me. There were lots of laughter and Theo had fun. 

I love doing outdoor activities with him. In fact, I prefer being outside when the weather’s good to being indoors. Daniel has also brought Theo to the playground after Kita and that boy just enjoys it so much. He hates being picked up from Kita because he loves playing with his friends, so I hope he’ll be happier leaving if we brought him to the playground to continue playing.


I’ve also noticed that Mia’ more relaxed when she’s outside during the weekends when Theo’s home. Well, Theo can be really loud when he plays (banging, screaming, running around) at home and that sort of stresses her out and that stresses me out as I’m afraid she’s not getting enough sleep. Being out is good for her as she gets to nap and even when she’s up, she’s pretty chilled and just looks around. 

I love this little family of mine. 🙂 


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