9 Weeks Old

Everyday is a blur. It is as though I’ve got on a carousel at a theme park and events in my daily life are spinning immensely fast. Both my kids are growing so quickly that I don’t think I’ve stopped enough times to take a look at them on some days when chores dominate us. 

It is only when I noticed Mia being more interactive and responsive to us playing and talking to her that it occurred to me she’s already 9 weeks old. She is definitely not the newborn I first met at the hospital. 

The first month or so was spent figuring out how to make family life functional again with two children. It was also the time I needed to physically recover. 

So here I am back to reading as much as possible! I read so much to Theo when he was a baby. Right now, I try to do so, but during bedtime his Dad reads or tells him stories. I’m hoping that Mia will enjoy her books as much as Theo does. 

At 9 weeks old, she loves staring into my eyes when I read to her. I try to make different voices and funny faces to entertain her. 

It is never too early to start reading to babies. They might not understand a single word right now, but the time spent with them is so precious. And because she’s only a 9 weeks old baby who can’t wriggle her bottom away or have an opinion about the book I’m reading to her, I find myself showing her books targeted at 3 or 4 year olds. 

I confess that there are times when I feel like I have absolutely no idea what to say to Mia. It is not as if I can have a conversation with her. Of course I do simple stuff like “Hellow sweetheart, how are you? I love you! Aren’t you gorgeous?” But can I actually hold a conversation with a 9 week old? Nope. That’s why I find reading such a great activity to do with babies. They’re exposed to words that I normally won’t say to them and really, it’s just fun. 


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