Spring 2017

The winter was cold. Some days were bitterly cold. I remember having to bring Mia who was only a couple of weeks old to the hospital for a follow-up and it was -10 degrees Celsius. It was miserable. The long dark days in winter looked as though they were to stay. There was snow, and plenty of rain. It was no fun. 

March rolled along and gradually things are beginning to perk up. Tiny buds appear on the once naked trees. Longer daylight hours mean the evenings are brighter and we can hang out at the playground after Kita for an hour or so. It means not wearing troublesome winter coats. 

I’m more eager to step out early in the morning for walks because it is warmer and brighter. After almost half a year of less favourable weather, I can’t wait to get out and soak up some healthy amount of sunshine. 

Flowers are blooming along the Main and they are a wonderful sight. This change in weather definitely helps one be more positive. 

Spring is finally here. 


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