Brachiosaurus Learns Phonics

Here we are again making learning fun. Well, I shouldn’t say “we” because I’m not exactly the fun and innovative parent. It was Daniel who came up with this brilliant activity. It’s fun, engaging and Theo enjoyed it since we were tapping on his interests. 

Brachiosaurus is hungry and needs a snack. Which letter will it eat? 

Brachiosaurus wants to read a book. Which book (a letter represents a book) will he choose? 

Daniel placed a few letters in front of Theo and described a simple scenario. Here’s an example:

“Oh, Brachiosaurus is tired from playing. He would like a snack now. I think he would like to have a ‘mmmmmmm’. “

Theo then used his current favourite to choose the letter “M”. We then mimicked what we imagine dinosaurs sound like when eating and placed the letter back in the tub. 


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