What? Scissors Skills?

Earlier this week, we met up with Theo’s playgroup teacher for a review on how he’s getting on at Kita. Prior to the meeting, we were given a list of questions to answer. For  example, it asked if Theo tells us about his day (both good and bad days), if anything has changed in our family, what makes us proud of him etc and it also asked us to list topics we would like to discuss during the meeting. 

Overall, we are extremely pleased with what his teacher had to say about him. There were a couple of points to work on and little did I expect her to mention scissors skills. It just never occurred to me that scissors skills were something they looked out for. 

Have I given Theo a pair of scissors? Nope. 

Does he do any cutting at home? Nope.

Little wonder he was a little confused when he was given a pair of scissors at Kita to cut some paper. 

We were told to get him a child’s scissors to practice at home. Of course, I went to the stationery shop in the very same week to get one! 

Saturday morning’s activity: Cut some paper.

Saturday afternoon’s activity: Cut some paper.

I never knew how much fun a kid can possibly have just from cutting paper. Now that I’ve given him a pair of scissors, I see that he needs to work on the grip. While he knows he needs to “open” and “shut” the scissors to cut, it doesn’t occur to him to naturally “open” the scissors when he’s done cutting. Instead, he just pulls the scissors from the paper which results in a tear. 

We need to work slowly on those fine motor skills. It just never occurred to me how difficult it can be for a toddler to start using scissors! 


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