Easter 2017

Last weekend, we made Theo an Easter basket and brought him on an egg hunt at the playground on Easter Sunday. 

After countless failed attempts to buy him a basket made of felt, I settled on using an old egg tray. I painted it bright yellow as I was expecting a warm sunny day but looking at how wrapped up Theo was, you’d know that it was far from being warm. The felt carrots on the basket were from an abandoned craft project a couple of years ago. I’m so glad I managed to put them to good use as it took me ages to sew them by hand. 

The Hunt

I hid 3 hard boiled eggs at the playground – one in the wooden house, one up the slide and one on the wooden ship. The final egg was a chocolate egg from Theo’s Auntie andGrampy. I hid that up high in the “castle” at the playground. 

I thought he was rather good at the game. He stayed focused (anything for chocolates!!!!) and was really pleased with himself for finding all 3 hard boiled eggs. 

Although he really likes chocolate and the egg was his, he was very generous to share it with us. As Theo would say, “Sharing is caring”. 


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