Plant Your Own Garden Cress

As it’s Spring, I looked online to find toddler-friendly gardening activities to do with Theo. Except, we don’t have a garden. Our balcony is a tiny one occupied by the clothes rack that is constantly packed with the kids’ clothes. Hence I started listing a few prerequisites of the plant we would grow together:

1. Does not take up much space

2. Grows within a few days (because toddlers have no patience!)

3. Must be edible 

4. Doesn’t grow to great heights 

5. Low maintenance 

I settled for garden cress because it’s a lovely plant to go with egg sandwiches which Theo loves. 

As we had eggy bread just the day before doing this activity, I had a lot of egg shells. I painted them just to make them look a little more fun and put a tiny bit of soil in each of them. However, cress grows well on damp cotton pads too. By using egg shells, I did not need to spend extra money getting pots which I don’t have at home for this activity. 

Theo did all the planing by himself. He started off planting one seed at a time before he realised that was taking far too long and he could sprinkle them into the egg shells. After that, he watered them and placed them by the window in our living room. 

Everyday he observed that the cresss has grown a little and at some point they were shooting up! He was very excited. Don’t they look ready for egg sandwiches? Now….where are the eggs?  


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