Clubfoot Journey: Hitting the 3 Years Mark

9 more days till my first born turns 3. Just like any other toddler, his emotions run high and low, he is energetic, playful, sensitive and dare I say it, exhausting. However, he is full of love and that’s all that matters. 

There is so much to celebrate for this boy. He has come so far since the day he was born. Here is a picture of him at 3 days old with both feet in casts. Occasionally I feel sad for not appreciating his feet more before they were in casts. I just knew they weren’t right and had to be fixed and cried lots over them. 

But I remind myself of his achievements and how good he has been responding to his treatment. 

At 1 week old (picture above) and his feet are already looking a lot like a professional ballerina on his toes! 

This was the last set of casts after the operation. No fuss whatsoever from this little fighter. 

And he soon graduated to boots and bar which he has been wearing every single night. 

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t worried. I was worried he won’t walk normally. I was worried he won’t be agile. Despite specialists telling me that his feet will be corrected (but I can give up hope of my son winning an Olympic medal), I had my doubts. But Theo constantly proved me wrong.

On Mother’s Day today, we brought him to the playground. And here’s my boy showing me what he’s capable of.

Proud Mama? I think I have every reason in the world to boast about this!  


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