Strawberry Picking in Frankfurt

Did you know that if you live in Frankfurt, you don’t have to leave the city to pick your very own strawberries in the summer? In the northwestern part of Frankfurt, there is a strawberry field in Praunheim. It opens daily from 9am to 7pm during the season. Here is the address: Ludwig Landmann Straße 1A, 60488 Frankfurt Praunheim

We don’t own a car so I prefer day trips that are easily accessible by public transport. Hence it was a bonus that the U6 takes us to the end of the line and the field is a short 5 minutes walk away. Plenty of parking spots too if you drive. 

I was glad to get there around 9.30am on a Saturday to avoid the crowd which got there around 11.30am. 

You could bring your own container (which the guy will weigh and give you a ticket for) or purchase an empty box for €1 by the stand. The weight of your box will be taken off the total weight after you are done picking. It costs €3,50 per kilogram and the minimum cost is €2,50. 

This was Theo’s first strawberry picking experience so we had to tell him to only pick the red ones. Once he understood that, there was no stopping him. On the field, you are allowed to pick and eat too. I suppose just be polite and not have a strawberry picnic for free! 

I was hoping to get some good pictures of the strawberries but mission was almost impossible with a baby strapped in front of me. How do women with babies work out in the fields?!?! 

Daniel said there was something very therapeutic about strawberry picking. 

Most people there had huge buckets of strawberries but I suppose they were going to make jams, cakes, purée and what not. Look at what we’ve got for €8!


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